old_city_019.jpg "Sunset Over Old City"

Detailed hand cut marble and iridescent glass bring this ancient city right into your home

Beautifully framed in an ivory wood frame and set in a shadow box with glass plate cover

One of a kind design exclusive to Bella Art Mosaics

Size is 14" x 16"

                                           Available for Sale


 Reach Out"Reach Out"

Bring Spring blossoms indoors with this shimmering mosaic. created with a multitude of hand cut iridescent petals, accented with metallic beads, and set on a background of a glittery moonlit night

Size is 17" x 17"

 Available for Sale



  Within the Depths "Within the Depths"

Earth's hidden wonders combine with the majesty of mysterious skies. Created with stained glass, millefiore, cork, pebbles, seashells, pottery, natural citrine, copper, and agate slices.


                                                          Size  is 23" x 10"

                                                          Available for Sale