Tranquility Bath Mirror

"Tranquility" Mirror"

Full size mirror made with glass tiles, shells, beads, tempered glass, and unglazed ceramic tile. Lots of attention to visual texture was given and 3D accents were incorporated to bring this seascape alive.

Size is 24" x 32"







"Courage" Marble Accent Mirror

Hand cut marble, iridescent glass tile, and Murano millefiore accents. One of a kind design.

Size is 10" x 10"

Available for Sale 





Bird of Paradise Mirror

"Bird of Paradise" Mirror

Bring the tropics right into your home with this brightly colored floral mirror. Framed in Cherry trim.

Size is 28" x 30"

Available for Sale







"Azure Tides" Mirror

If you love the ocean, this mirror is for you. Enjoy the curious fish as they gracefully swim through the gentle currents. Made from textured stained glass, beads, coral, glass chunks, and millefiori.

14" x 14"

Integrated keyhole hardware on back

Available for Sale