ReflectionHamsa.jpg                Reflection Hamsa                                    

Hamsas have traditionally been displayed in the home to bring good luck and ward off the evil eye. I have included many symbols in this mosaic that are well known internationally to bring peace, love, and luck wherever you display it. Look to find the Peace Dove and olive brance, the evil eye, fish, menorah, Star of David, and a Tallis, or Prayer Shawl. The Temple and Wailing Wall are proudly and respectfully recreated using marble and Italian Smalti for the wall, and gold mirror for the Temple. Meticulously made and unique to Bella Art Mosaics. 

     12" tall, made with stained glass, gold mirror, tempered glass, marble, smalti, beads, glass tile, glass gem, millefiori, copper wire, ball chain.


   I can custom make one for you, in your choice of design, colors, themes, and symbols. I can also use your wedding glass to incorporate in a one of a kind mosaic to treasure for a lifetime.

  Please contact me for details.

Eternal Love Mosaic   " Eternal Love " Commissioned Hamsa  

Commissioned by a customer to design a Hamsa using her broken wedding glass. The blue Star of David and the evil eye were made with her shards of glass, along with using other materials to create this lasting work of art to commemorate a most special day. Many traditional symbols were incorporated to bring love, hapiness, and luck to the home such as the tree of life, peace doves, olive branch, and the evil eye. AHAVAH is written in Hebrew at the bottom, meaning "Love"


Send me your wedding glass today and order your custom Hamsa or artwork to last a lifetime!                                                                  


Peace Mosaic                "Shalom" Mosaic

   Framed mosaic using traditional symbolism.

          Size 12" x 24"



Shalom Mirror    Judaica Mosaic Mirror

10" x 10"