I am captivated by the beauty of our Earth.The bounty of colors, textures, and patterns, all painted on nature’s canvas create the perfect composition which I strive to create as a mosaic artist. These inspirations enable me to slowly transform a blank slate into dimensional art. Though never to outdo nature, as it is impossible to do so, I hope to bring its spirit and its life, into my art, and subsequently, my art to life.

I choose to use primarily stained glass in most of my work, mainly for its endless versatility, incredible color and texture variations, and for the freedom to cut any size or shape I may need.  Accents of marble, polymer clay, beads, beach glass, and iridescence will find its way into my work as well, as I believe the eye is kept engaged by these changing and unexpected diversions. Contrast, color, and flow are all vital elements I strive to maintain, as without them, unity is gone. While I may plan my design in advance, I find it often changes mid-creation, allowing my spontaneous thoughts to enter and change paths. Who am I to prevent that?

Originating from empty walls at home, begging for artwork, I attempted to fill every space with my own personal touch. What started out from just filling my own space, grew into a passion for making more mosaics, trying different techniques, using beautiful materials, and creating custom glass art that can never be duplicated on a copy machine. Time consuming it may be, but likewise, immensely gratifying; leaving me deeply in love with an art form I will never get tired from.