As a lifetime lover of art, Bella found her passion for mosaics shortly after moving into a new home in the Baltimore area, along with her husband and 2 young boys.  Not liking all the blank walls, she envisioned all the beautiful artwork that could be displayed there, and decided to try her hand at making her first mosaic panel. The seed had been planted, and slowly, her passion grew for this classic artform.  Being self taught, Bella began to learn as much as she could about furthering her knowledge of mosaics by reading every instructional mosaic book she could find, corresponding with other mosaic artists online, joining Contemporary Mosaic Artist (CMA), and taking her first mosaic course at Maryland Mosaics. With her best friend, her husband Jay, at her side to encourage and promote her new found passion, Bella began creating her mosaics for everyone to enjoy, and Bella Art Mosaics was born!

Her mosaics are contemporary in nature, with a touch of Zen simplicity, but also explore a different traditional path stemming from her heritage as a 1st generation Russian-Jewish immigrant. She enjoys making Judaic themed mosaics for her own family as well as commissioned pieces for her clients.

Bella exhibits her mosaic art at Maryland Mosaics, in Glyndon, MD. In addition to wall art and mirrors, Bella has expanded her art into creating mosaic jewelry, which have been on display at the Carroll County Arts Council in Westminster, MD. She has been featured in the artist’s section of her local hometown’s Pikesville Patch online newspaper (Jan 2011), and enjoys interacting with other artists, and friends through social media and can be found on Facebook. Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr. She also sells her mosaics on Etsy and enjoys the international market reach.

Bella received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Maryland Baltimore County and then went on to receive a master’s degree in physical therapy from University of MD at Baltimore.  She enjoys both of her careers, and hopes to reach a greater audience to enjoy her mosaics as much as she does.